KeyKatcher Hardware Keystroke Recorder
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Information: The KeyKatcher is a hardware device to log activity as it is performed on the keyboard. The device works with any PS/2 keyboard and is not dependant on the operating system because there is not any software required for the manufacture to product to interact with the hardware. inside of
keystroke recorder

The KeyKatcher records up to 32,000 bytes (keystrokes) in the 33k model or 64,000 bytes (key strokes) in the 64k model. Even if the device is unplugged from the keyboard it will still remember EVERYTHING and you wont lose a single keystroke.

Directions: Simply plug the device which ‘resembles an adapter into the computer's keyboard plug then the keyboard into that and your ready to go. From the Interface, as described below you can toggle the recording activity, view the logs, view web sites visited and search for content.

Interacting with the Keystroke logger is simply, it can be done from any PS/2 compatible keyboard/computer. You can take it off the computer it is on to examine the data on another computer or perform the audit from that computer. Enter into a text program, such as Wordpad, Notepad, Edit, or any other program which allows you space to enter text freely and edit it. Type the passphrase which was set, first time users the passphrase is 'keykatch' the menu will be displayed, you can navigate through the menus by entering typing in the number coresponding with the command.

The Menu:
1-View Memory
2-Erase Memory
3-Change Password
4-Disable Recording
5-NetPatrol Output
6-Search for String

Viewing Memory - This will view all the memory stored on the KeyKatcher Device when much information is stored searching for a string can be much quicker. Sample output: Jason, let's skip school tomorrow and steal candy from the corner market.... Erasing this of course will free up all the space on the device. To view the Information on the keystroke you would enter 1 on the keyboard while in the menu and to erase you would enter the number 2

Enable/Disable Recording When recording is not needed recording can be disabled, simply enter the administrative mode by entering the admin password then toggle the setting from on to off or off to on.

NetPATROL makes it possible to quickly view which websites were visited by recording the URL's and Domains when they are typed into the keyboard. A prime example for use would be to see if an employee visiting adult sites while on the clock.

The device comes with it's own instruction manual (book), box, KeyKatcher device, and heat tubing. The heat tubing is used to connect the recorder to the keyboard so it can not fall off or be seperated without struggle. To apply simply place around the keylogger and the keyboard adapter plug and wave heat (blow dryer, match, lighter flame) over it till it wraps around, be careful and follow the instructions within the manual for proper use.

Each device has it's own unique serial number encoded into it, for the protection of the device and the manufactures they require for record to be kept about the person purchasing it, if for any reason the device is found attached to a computer the developers of the device will give up information about the person who purchased it to the authorities if asked for at any time. Read the full privacy and use documents before purchasing. This is soley to discourage the use of the device for ilagitmate purposes.

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