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Keystroke Loggers in short record all input or activity performed on from the keyboard generally dumped to a log file. There are software based keystroke recorders for almost every operating system then there are hardware keystroke loggers which is physical hardware generally small that store/capture the keystrokes. Hardware keystroke recorders are wonderful devices as they are not effected when the computer crashes. The one in the banner above is KeyKatcher, we sell it here for a low price, click here for more information.

Software Keystroke Loggers on our site is divided into Operating system (Windows Keystroke Loggers, Macintosh Keystroke Recorders, UNIX Key Capture programs, Amiga Keyloggers, and Misc (ie: DOS)) which are sorted in their own pages. Each item has information about the program and also information on detecting and removing where available.

If you feel that someone has installed a keystroke recorder on your computer without permission you will want to find out what it is and remove it ASAP! Use one of the detection tools for your operating system, click on which system you use for removal, detection tools for spyware and tips on uninstalling.


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